Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sorting the Stash

Still working on my studio - or getting back to it - I'm now sorting my non-traditional fabrics. This is the contents of a box of cotton scrims and butter-muslins (cheesecloth) I dyed some time ago: gorgeous stuff - I keep taking it out and playing with it but really need to buckle down and work out how I'm going to use it!

I also found a whole lot of satin pieces: this is viscose satin which takes dye beautifully:

And these are some of my favourite pieces:

The patterning on it is amazing: I think I'm maybe going to machine-quilt it as a sort of wholecloth.

Some of the pieces are plainer: here's something I played with earlier: fused silk organza on top of the dyed satin quilted with shiny rayon threads. The first picture shows the colours, based on the colours I see when taking Nibs on his daily strolls (he still insists I accompany him even though he can now see again, and I find it a pleasant and sometimes inspiring way to start the day). It's taken without flash and is slightly blurred:

The second piece is taken with flash which has bleached out the colour a little but shows the quilting.


zquilts said...

Ohhhhh what an amazing collection ! I love the cheesecloth ! Just tried dyeing some today for a piece I started. You must have an awesome stash !

Waltraud said...

Wonderful pictures, especially the last one, it is so great!

Lorraine said...

Your work is to "die" for LOL.
I just bought some silk and satin and some sheet fabric, all in a package, at the Salvation Army store with plans to practice dying it -- a lot of fabric for less than $3.00. This is something I said I'd never get into but then by chance got reacquainted with an old friend who spins, dyes, etc. and you know the rest of thre story!!! You are an inspiration.