Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Fashion and Embroidery Show in Harrogate

On Sunday I paid a visit to the Fashion and Embroidery Show in Harrogate. This used to be my favourite show in the days when it was run by Madeira Threads when it was run as a showcase for textile students and makers. Though it has changed since being taken over by a commercial organisation there were still exhibits from colleges and makers and groups as well as some interesting exhibitions; though it lacks the "buzz" it used to have it was still an enjoyable and inspiring day out, with a couple of particularly good exhibitions from the Quilters Guild.

Photographs of the exhibitions were not allowed. I'd planned to take some of some of the trading stands instead but only managed to get to Oliver Twists before the batteries ran out:

I always find Jean Oliver's displays and products very inspiring: I've known her since I used to trade in dyed fabrics and she was one of the people who was really helpful to me from the beginning. Nowadays we bump into each other only a couple of times a year when I visit shows and try tocatch up between customers. This time I was very good and didn't buy any of the dyed stuff (thus avoiding being told off for not dyeing it myself) but did come away with a big bag of silk rods and another of throwsters waste for dyeing.

Other favourite traders were Ario , Art Van Go, Colourcraft, Magie Relph's African Fabric Shop, and Bombay Stores so though I kept, broadly speaking, to my shopping list, I did come away with a lot of stuff to play with. I also managed a chat with Kim Thittichai (her book Hot Textiles has recently been published) and the people on the Braidmakers Society stand who showed me several easy and inexpensive ways to make braids (watch this space!)


zquilts said...

Since I just started using a marudai I will be waiting expectantly for your braiding info ! But the larger question is - what did you buy at the show ??!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm such a fan of Oliver Twist threads! I wish they were more readily available here in the states. More specifically, I wish I could buy individual spools rather than pre-packaged groupings. Invariably, there will be a particular favorite that I need more of but to resupply I have to buy another pack of all or nothing. Ah, well...I surely understand the logistics on Jean's part, and thank goodness for internet suppliers!

sharon young said...

Hi Sandra
I've been meaning to go to the Harrogate show for the last 3 years now and each time I pull out at the last minute because it would cost about £100 for the weekend from where I live, but maybe next year!
Your contribution on pricing your work on the FAMM site was inavaluable, I'm a new member so only just found it.