Saturday, 31 March 2007

I been playin'

Ok I should have been sorting out my studio (more of this later) but I found some cellophane bags plus fantasy film and angelina fibres and I got sidetracked into an "I wonder what would happen if..." moment.

This is the result.

These pieces were made by cutting pieces of cellophane and fantasy film and laying them together (with strands of angelina sprinkled over the top, plus afew seed beads on the third one) between two pieces of parchment paper (baking parchment) then ironing lightly until the cellophane started to crinkle (use a silk setting and keep checking what happens - it's very easy to destroy the cellophane if you over-iron it).

The second picture shows the other side of the pieces.

Now I have to decide what to do with it. Or maybe I'll experiment some more - I've just acquired a heat tool that I'm itching to use.


marion said...

Sandra!!! Long time no see. Good to see you blogging. Cool cats, too (I've got four...)

ingedk said...

Very exciting tecnic, looks so good
Inge from Denmark