Tuesday, 6 March 2007

a few postcards

These are postcards I made as part of Myrna Giesbrecht's Self Expressions Studio class at Quilt University.

The first two are developed from some close-up photos I took of mosses. The first is made of layered cotton scrim, hand-dyed, cut and roughed up with a fingernail to get the soft blurry effect, plus hand-dyed wadding. The second is wadding on hand-dyed cotton, with couched rayon/glitter thread, also hand-dyed.

This one is based on English woodland, specifically Wytham Woods near Oxford where I grew up and where my brother still lives. It's made of fused hand-dyed cottons with free machine stitching.

The shiny bits in this postcard are fantasy film fused onto cotton, plus Angelina fibres melted cut and fused - the first (but not the last) time I've used these.

And finally, a piece I made for an exercise which was to take a favourite artist as inspiration. I got two for the price of one here - Henri Matisse's papercuts and the Welsh quilt artist Bethan Ash (who at times has also drawn on Matisse for inspiration). The shapes are cut freely from cotton bonded onto Bondaweb (same as WonderUnder) and fused onto the background, then quilted with various coloured cotton threads in vertical lines.

Altogether a lot of fun, and quick tomake.


glennis said...

the wooland postcard reminds me of David Hockney's new tree paintings...also from England.

Kathy Wagner said...

Isn't that just the best class?!?!
I sure loved Myrna's class and have done some very different things experimentally since that class. I really like all your pieces from self expressions.