Monday, 5 March 2007

studio cats - part one

This is Django who loves being a studio cat. He came via my vet from a feral colony though he's always loved his cuddles and never acted feral (apart from being an expert scavenger). Last summer he suffered a serious road accident (three pelvic fractures) and it took major surgery to put him back together again (and nearly two anxious months for the nerve damage in his right hind leg to heal - for some time there was a risk he might lose the leg). Apart from being too nervous to go far from the garden (no bad thing) he has recovered well. He offers great support and constructive criticism.

Nibs is the most recent addition to the family. He came as a stray, with bad teeth and hyperthyroidism: the teeth are now sorted and his thyroid problem under control. He's called Nibs because he likes to be boss ("his nibs" means "his lordship" in the UK). He has a killer stare which the camera flash has enhanced here. He follows me around everywhere and luckily has now learnt not to interrupt too much when I'm sewing.

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