Sunday, 8 April 2007

in my garden

These are pictures of my snakeshead fritillaries planted the autumn before last. Last spring I only got the white version, but this year the patterned ones are springing up. They used to frow wild in the field when I was a child and I always found the scale/check pattern amazing (still do!)
I also have a really good bunch of the more commonplace wallflowers, gloriously scented, which I grew from seed. They make the garden feel really springlike (hmm - must do something about the weeds this weekend)


Sonji Hunt said...

Sandra, just found your blog. Beautiful beautiful flora! It's still drab here in Wisconsin, USA, but my daffodils have stuck their heads up.

I love the cellophane experiment in your previous post. I too am distracted my anything, especially if it melts together. Wonderful!

Your quilts are also lots of fun. Vibrant colors and fun designs. I'm all about swirling shapes and craziness.

Ferret said...

Those patterned flowers are amazing, I am sure they will inspire something wonderful.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is what brought me here.