Thursday, 1 January 2009

Looking forward, looking back...

Happy New Year! A time to reassessthe past and plan ahead.

Sometimes we forget to tell ourselves about the good things we did. So apologies while I start by congratulating myself for:
  • finally signing up for art classes
  • entering quilts in a show and recognising that although I was not especially happy with the work I produced I could learn a lot from the experience
  • beginning to find a sense of direction in my artwork
  • managing to get the routines of life under control
  • discovering how much pleasure I can have from making things for other people - like the quilt which I did, in the end, give to Kelvin and Gill, my brother and sister-in-law - here it is in their red bedroom:

Now for 2009: I don't propose to make resolutions. Instead I have decided on fairly specific goals. Here are the five most important:

  • I will complete a quilt for the Art Quilts section at Festival of Quilts: it will be finished well before the deadline so that I don't ruin it by rushing to finish;
  • by June/July I will declutter my home and redecorate as needed, ready for sale;
  • I will complete at least three drawings a week for the first three months of this year; after that I will review and decide what comes next;
  • having established that I am fitter then I deserve to be, given the way I've neglected my physical wellbeing, I will go for a medium to long walk at least once a week (minimum five miles);
  • I will update my blog at least once a week.

So here's to 2009


The Idaho Beauty said...

Sounds like you did a bit better than me in 2008 and have good lofty goals for 2009. I wish you luck - I'm sure you can do it!

I'm still pondering all this and definitely need to sit with paper and pen and review 2008. It probably was better artistically than my memory is letting on right now. I know that's what happened in 2007.

Julie said...

Hi, Sandra, Happy New Year! Wow, your quilt looks wonderful in its new home! Well done on your goals for this year, I may join you in one or two. (Decluttering, walking and maybe joining in the CQ thing for the FOQ. Scary!)