Sunday, 18 January 2009

Keeping Going

At last I seem to have got through my midwinter doldrums. I'm working on several things - so far so good - and I'm back at art school, having added on a printing course of which more in a later post. I also have the mammoth task ahead of decluttering the house and preparing it for sale in order to downsize, hopefully to large studio with living accommodation and space for cats, if such a place exists!
I'm also getting more motivated to continue with The Artist's Way. The next week which deals with issues such as anger, criticism and growth seems to be just what I need at the moment, having been dogged by self-doubt recently; I am ready to turn things round and look at life more positively.
Thanks to "Brenda from the Boro" for the comment on my last posting! Comments like this help enormously.
Finally (it's getting late and I need to get ready for bed), the photo above is the view from bedroom window at my brother's house - just to prove I wasn't exaggerating about living in the woods!


Julie said...

I'm glad you're feeling more positive Sandra :o) Keep it up! Sounds as though you've got plenty on. Keep us up to date with the de-cluttering, maybe it will be catching!


I think you are so amazingly creative; so I was interested to read that sometimes you find it hard to motivate yourself. In a way that was a relief for me to hear - as I seem to do things in fits and starts - and as I have no deadlines (or use for anything I make)I end up (as now) with loads of unfinished things and then a sort of apathy takes over! Mind you,this cold weather really does make things harder. Well done for working out a way to cope with the issues which arise when you are a creative soul! Andrina