Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Where Have I Been?

I'm amazed it's been a month since I've posted. So what have I been doing?
First the two art courses I'm doing - both at (apparently) a basic level but quite challenging enough for where I started from! The first of them has been drawing based this term, with lots of close observational drawings using and learning various techniques. The course is run by Leeds College of Art and Design at the Leeds Museums Discovery Centre, an amazing place where you find antique statuary cheek by jowl with clothes, furnishings and assorted objects from bygone eras, not to mention the zoological specimens, many from donated Victorian collections. One of the zoological specimens is the reindeer above, known to me and my fellow-students as "Lips" (yes he really did have these handsome lips!) and probably my most successful drawing to date.
We've also been drawing everyday objects for homework - here's an early drawing of a shoe!
I also managed to get to The Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate, where I met up with cyber-friend Julie http://mixedmedia-jem.blogspot.com/ and had a really good day out - wonderful exhibitions, especially liked the Art Cloth and Ruth Issett ones (but then I am a dyer!) and lots of retail therapy. Julie and I are planning a day in Bradford in the new year when our finances have recovered.
There are other things, which I shall post about later, but finally there's the Christmas present (or not as I really am not sure whether a: they will like it; or b: whether they can be persuaded to be honest about it if they don't - I'd welcome ideas on this!) for my brother and sister-in-law.
To go with their new red and pale gold bedroom. So far I've finished the top, and here it is with Django trying to assert ownership!

As well as oriental-inspired fabrics (mainly based on Chinese designs) there are also real Japanese fabrics and a few Javanese batiks.

All very relaxing and a great change from art quilting. The overall design is based on one by Kaffe Fassett with a few twists additions and mistakes added by me!

And finally a really welcome piece of news: the quiltlet in the previous post has been bought in the SAQA Auction by art quilter Jacque Davis - thank you Jacque!


Julie said...

Thank you for the link Sandra. :o) Your drawings look very accomplished. The stag is magnificent!

If I were your brother and his wife I would be thrilled with the quilt, the colours are beautiful and I can see some lovely fabrics in there.

I've said it elsewhere but, many congratulations on your sale, it is well deserved.

MixPix said...

Welcome back - you were missed! Lucky you - I used to love going to the K&S Show when it was at Ally Pally in London. Congrats on selling the quilt in the previous post.

Pat said...

Hi Sandra,
I'm sure Kelvin and Gill will love the quilt. I think they will be chuffed to bits as they will appreciate the amount of time and work that has gone into it.

Love Pat