Sunday, 9 November 2008

SAQA Auction

The SAQA Auction starts tomorrow. In case you don't know, SAQA stands for Studio Art Quilts Associates, and members have contributed twelve-inch square quiltlets which are to be auctioned in three lots. My contribution, Effervescent Evanescent is above - inspired by the bubbles in my bathwater, techniques include cut-back applique using layered scrim and free-machine stitching.

There are quilts by some of the world's leading artists up for grabs, so why not get yourself over to the website and have a look!


Julie said...

This is lovely Sandra! I hope it goes for a good price. (Not too long till Harrogate, my list is getting longer by the day!)

seo said...

wery nice thank you

Waltraud said...

so beautiful,

Jacque Davis said...

So Happy to say I am the proud owner of this beauty.

I love it! I feel so lucky!

It is fantastic in person!

Thank you !

Jacque Davis