Thursday, 13 December 2007

pieces and patches and studio helpers

During the studio makeover, which was at times more like an excavation, I found several pieces of patchwork I did some time ago. This is a sample I made for a workshop I taught on using mathematical progressions (I will do a tutorial on this in the new year) - hand-dyed fabrics and machine quilting.

The second is a different mathematical idea - I like the way the shapes form and unform in different parts of the piece.
I also found a number of improvisationally pieced bits. One I bound and kept separate as a small quiltlet (8" square). The colours were based on summer fields and landscapes and seascapes near Berwick-upon-Tweed.

At my friend Judith's suggestion I stitched three of these together to make a long thin wallhanging - a reminder of those warm summer days!

As usual while I was photographing these Django came along and insisted on having his photograph taken:

And for once I managed to get Pepper - who's somewhat camera-shy -

to pose for the camera! Pepper is, without a doubt, the nicest-natured cat I've ever known; he's even nice to other cats, even ones that he doesn't live with!

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zquilts said...

Must be that tuxedo kitties are the caretakers of their ilk. Odie is the same way that Pepper is. He's just love in a fur coat.
Love the quilts !