Friday, 21 December 2007

cats' christmas update

It gets better.

I've now visited the cattery to check it out.

The cats get the radio left on (with music) to make them feel at home. Not only do they get home-cooked turkey, chicken or meat on Christmas day, but they get individual Christmas stockings complete with toys and treats. They also get played with and cuddled.

The cat-guests who were there when I visited were lively and friendly (well there was one sitting sulking but there's always one isn't there?), running to the front of the pens with tails up and expecting to be stroked, which was the best of all.

I'm just hoping they'll still want to come home when I collect them after Christmas!

A footnote on Edwardian artist Louis Wain. Though he was best known for his cartoonish pictures of cats, he also produced a number of more abstract works such as the ones above. These are often cited as a "progression" illustrating his "descent into madness" (he suffered from late-onset schizophrenia): in fact though this looks like a sequence, the works were not necessarily produced in sequence, since many of the "abstract" ones were produced earlier than some of the "naturalistic" ones (the so-called sequence was put together by an academic anxious to prove a point) - perhaps Wain was simply, like many artists, exploring ideas!


Julie said...

Sounds like your cats will be well looked after. :) Thank you for showing the Louis Wain work. His abstract cats are amazing!

zquilts said...

I hope YOU will be as comfortable! Sounds first rate !
Ps: did you get anything in mail from me yet? I may have to make some calls if not !

Melinda said...

When I was little, my older siblings told me that this is how a cat will look if it plays 'string' too much! (I didn't believe them, but told my best friend and she believed it).
I like your fibre art.