Sunday, 23 December 2007

a lovely surprise in the post

I had a surprise package in the post yesterday, from Marie at, containing two gifts:

Firstly a beautiful needlefelted purse embellished with masses of tiny beads and hand-made braid. I've admired and coveted her bags and purses for some time now so I really was delighted to receive this, which I think is a particularly good one. I keep taking it out and stroking it. My mobile phone fits into it perfectly, though it took me a while to work out that that was what it is designed for (I can be really thick about such luxury items at times).

It has also marked a change in my thinking: at one time anything as beautiful as this would have been too good to use, and would have been placed carefully in a drawer with other treasures and saved. Now I think this is too good not to use: I want to have the joy of seeing it and using it every day - it's far too beautiful to languish in a drawer!

The second photograph shows the back which is no less beautifully embellished than the front.

And this came with it - a beautifully dyed piece - I think with walnut shells (?): I remember admiring the walnut dyeing on Marie's blog some time ago. You can't see too clearly in the photograph but it has lovely intricate patterning.

Some people don't believe it's possible to have "cyber-friends": I really appreciate all my friends, cyber and otherwise!

And in case I don't see you before then have a wonderful Christmas everybody!


Julie said...

What a lovely phone case! You are right to use it and enjoy it :))

Elizabeth in NM said...

That is gorgeous! Aren't you lucky? I'm glad to have found your blog--keep in touch!
--Elizabeth in NM from Self Expressions

corryna said...

Oh, wat a wonderful gift!

Liverpool Lou said...

Fab bag and I love the colours :)