Sunday, 23 March 2008

what's all this white stuff?

Easter Sunday and I woke to find snow on the ground. By the time I got dressed, grabbed the camera and went out it had half melted, but even so managed to get these shots of snow on the blossoms of my neighbours' flowering currant:


hippopip said...

Dear Sandra,I love the cat, I am a dog owner but the saying is great, I see that you have done City &quilds, what do you think of Liz Berns tutorial compared to design work in C&G? I have looked at her website but ther isn`t much detail. I would be grateful for your advice, Regards Pippa

sandra wyman said...

Hi Pippa: I'd really recommend Liz Berg's course. The stuff I did in C+G is mainly covered in the first two lessons but there's more besides, and the later lessons go a lot lot further; the individual critiques have also been extremely valuable.