Monday, 31 August 2009

Back from Festival of Quilts

Back home from Festival of Quilts - very enjoyable but ill afterwards - I tend to forget that the CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, what used to be called ME) I once suffered very badly from never actually goes away completely and got hit bad this time. Very much worth it though. Not only some amazing competition quilts and other pieces but also a wealth of exhibitions, and a chance to meet up with friends old new and virtual! Finally got to meet Maggie(, together with Kath Danswan (, and Hippopip (, plus renewing acquaintance with fellow Contemporary Quilt members Margaret (, Mai-Britt ( who won the miniature section with a beautiful art-quilt, and a judges choice with an equally gorgeous larger quilt, and - briefly - Marion ( and other margaret ( whose quilt in the Guilds Challenge section should have won a prize but didn't. Not forgetting of course Julie ( who I spent a really good evening with - part of it hilariously driving round Birmingham getting lost!
I did spend some of the time on various stands. For three of them it meant a chance to sit down and talk to people. For the fourth, not a chance to sit down or relax - the tombola was amazingly busy (who knew quilters had such a worrying gambling addiction?) and hugely successful, taking £9,800 or so; enormous fun to take part in as well.

Apart from that I spent some time on the Contemporary Quilt stand - very relaxing as I was surrounded by people who knew a lot more about CQ than I did ; SAQA - Studio Arts Quilt Association - -(this being the second SAQA exhibition I've stewarded I felt like an old hand and didn't have to make too much of an effort to "sell" the organisation seeing as the exhibition was superb - a number of visitors thought it was the best in the show); and last but not least, SDA (the Surface Design Association) -
where we managed to up European and UK membership significantly - thanks to the organisation and selling skills of Lindsey Lang, the UK rep.
People have been asking to see my entry so here goes. First a bit of a grumble. FOQ organisers had asked for detailed hanging instructions so I obliged by giving details of the size and height of stand needed (and sent in a life-sized model to boot) only to have these details ignored so that my effort suffered by being displayed in a way I had specifically asked for it not to be at coffee-table height and with very poor lighting. I'm sure it made no difference to the overall result - the winners in this section were amazing - I'd just have liked - after all that work - for it to be displayed in such a way that people could actually have seen it as it should look. So here's a ccouple of photos (above - seeing as blogger won't let me drag them to anywhere else on the page) taken at home: I was hoping to get a better one at the show but the poor lighting prevented that.


Julie said...

Hope you're recovering now Sandra. I was exhausted too and I only stayed overnight for the one night! Getting lost (or not) in Birmingham was great fun. Can someone just tell the powers that be to sign up their hotels a bit better!

I think you are justified in being annoyed at the way your piece was displayed. It was very difficult to view it at knee height and the light certainly didn't help. Nonetheless it is a beautiful and skilled piece of work.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Sorry to hear you were unwell after the show. It was lovely to meet you at last, and you certainly worked hard with the Tombola. I loved your entry which I thought was well designed and very creative.
Best wishes

zquilts said...

Oh Friend! I am so sorry about the display - and I truly can empathise with having a flare up - here across the pond too that's been my lament! Rest, sleep, nap, have a bit of tea and nap a bit more and you will be feeling better soon.

maggi said...

Glad you had a good time at the FOQ. I agree about the positioning of your piece which was beautiful. I ended up sitting on the floor to see it, very mindful that I might be a health and safety hazard! I too tried to get a pic but the only way was to use flash and that distorted the colours. Maggi

Helen Conway said...

I too just crouched and bent for as long as I needed to to get a good look at your inspiring piece. Personally I would have had a hard time choosing between your, piece the outfit that gt third and Stephanie's large book interms of placement but I had you up there WAY above that vase of flowers!!