Monday, 4 May 2009

may with its light behaving

Yesterday I made a return visit to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales - a place we used to visit often when my husband was alive, but which I have not been to since his death nine years ago. The best bit was walking along the river to the Strid and beyond. The Strid is a narrow chasm in the river through which water rushes. It looks fairly mild here but it has been dry in the last week - it is more spectacular when in spate.

Though it looks harmless - in fact it looks as if you could jump across it - beware of trying: the pool below is thirty feet deep and it has claimed many lives over the centuries. Here's sa shot looking downwards:

I love the colours of the river, the mosses and the rocks, and despite the weekend crowds, I found a number of other equally appreciative people along the walk:
Not to mention the bluebells in Strid Woods - a real bonus.

A really magical walk - maybe the inspiration for May's journal quilt.
And in case you're wondering about the titles of this post - it's the first line of a poem by W.H.Auden one of my favourite poets, who was born in York and also loved the Dales:
May with its light behaving
Stirs vessel, eye, and limb


Julie said...

What a beautiful walk Sandra.

hippopip said...

Beautiful photos.


The place looks very beautiful. I hope you didn't feel too sad retracing past steps - and that you simply recalled all the happy memories when you were last there with your husband

maggi said...

A very beautiful place Sandra, hopefully full of wonderful memories for you. I don't know the poem but will look it up as the beginning is so evocative.

Brenda in the Boro said...

Hi Sandra
I kayaked through the Strid some years ago. It was thrilling. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Hope you only had thoughts of happy times.
bless you
Brenda in the Boro

Yorkshire Dales Dave said...

Great pictures! - Ths is one of my favourite places in the Yorkshire Dales, and must make a date to go back this summer.