Sunday, 14 September 2008

Blog Award

Nearbytree sent me this award - very much appreciated and I've been blogging so little lately that I'm not sure I deserve it but will try to improve and live up to it!
At the moment I'm finding it quite difficult to think of enough bloggers that I haven't (or someone else hasn't) tagged or nominated recently. For those of you looking for a list of brilliant blogs there is a favourite blogs list attached to my profile (courtesy of new Blogger thingy). It is not yet complete - there are some to be added to.
Any of you (and any others I read regularly) may consider yourself nominated. To continue the process, what you have to do is:
acknowledge the nomination and print a link to the nominator, plus the blog award logo above;
nominate seven blogs, and add links to them;
leave a message telling people you have nominated them.
And once again, thank you very very much!

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