Wednesday, 23 January 2008

love not war

Thought I'd share one of my favourite photographs from the icanhascheesburger website - I love the tenderness of this photograph, and the gentleness in the face and hand of the young soldier... I've been putting some of the funnier ones in my sidebar, but this one seemed to warrant more attention.
Currently not posting much or doing much of anything - have the awful norvirus that's sweeping the country so am feeling ill and weak (food doesn't stay put for long - though, rather unfairly, I don't seem to be any thinner!)


sharon young said...

Hi Sandra
This is a beautiful tender portrait, what a picture of opposites, but I suppose that's how we are as human beings!! Thanks for sharing it.
So sorry to hear you've succumbed to the dreaded virus, we've been lucky so far, it sounds pretty bad.
Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog!
Hope you get well soon and recover your zest for life!!

Julie said...

Sandra, you poor thing! I had this wretched virus a week ago and it's miserable isn't it? Take care of yourself and drink plenty if you can. It takes a while to pick up your energy afterwards so take the time to rest well. Get well soonest!
Your photo is very touching. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Hall said...

Take care of yourself - I do hope you feel better soon

Cestandrea said...

Hi Sandra, I like this photograph a lot. And I'm sorry you were not well, I hope you are better by now!

I love that swimming cat too:)
Have a good weekend

Marjorie said...

An amazing photograph. Very touching.