Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Bixy update

Have been asked what's happening with Bixy, so here goes:

He came home on Sunday very traumatised and hid for much of the day (I eventually found out where and as a result of the search have a more orderly studio); eating Ok from the syringe but sick Sunday evening (bringing up food and water); worried about him dehydrating (especially as he seemed to be bringing up more water than I'd given him) and brought forward Monday's vet appointment, so instead of Neil, the vet he's been seeing, he saw the equally good and extremely gentle Kate - he even let her shave his neck and take a blood sample for testing with scarcely a murmur; luckily no problems with dehydration; arrived home very affectionate with everybody and a changed cat, but after a day of eating tiny amounts of babyfood from a syringe he was violently sick at night; eventually left him looking very relaxed back in his hidey-hole. I realised the water-level in his dish had gone down so he had been drinking so I refilled it and eventually got to bed well after midnight (am somewhat sleep-deprived)

Next morning he wakes me at 5.30 using the litter-tray on the attic landing, then heads downstairs and guzzles quite a lot of water. I try him with some more babyfood (he's obviously feeling better and has had no problems keeping the water down ) then feed the other cats - no work today so I hope to fit in a couple of hours sleep before my vet appointment. Bixy is obviously feeling better - he makes a beeline for the Whiskas and grabs a few mouthfuls before I take it off him (he's supposed to be eating only low-fat foods) and give him a bit more babyfood to take care of the hunger-pangs. Resigned, he slips off back to his cave in the studio, where he settles down and looks happy.

When I wake again he has been sick, mainly water but (don't read any further if you're eating) also some gritty bits) so I don't feed him again but clean him up so he's presentable for the vet and off we go. Neil's pleased his temperature has stayed down, says he can have Whiskas but only small amounts of fishy/chicken flavours.

Feed him again when the anti-nausea shot has had time to get going. he goes to his cave to recover but comes down again later for more water and has a bit of Whiskas (though he's made it clear he will only eat from a full plate). After a day of doing various bits of chores and feeding Bixy I go up to the studio to discover he has been sick again but (WARNING - DO NOT EAT WHILE READING THIS) also that it is more plentiul than the food he ate and somewhat gritty: conduct brief forensic examination involving soaking kibbles in water and then crushing and realise he had managed to get at the other cats' supplies of kibbles - NOT what he should be eating at all and he's obviously had a lot of them. Must be getting better - I thought they were well out of his reach.

Since then he's taken his anti-nausea tablet very nicely, had some more whiskas and has also (YAY!) decided he likes the low-fat kibbles he sould be eating so has had several small meals of these without further disaster.
He is now curled up in a nice comfy bed under my sewing table having a nice long sleep (which is what I plan to do now!)

Hopefully in the next couple of days I shall get some sewing done and be able to blog about that!


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

So relieved to read , Bixy has improved , cats are amazing in my view. They know what they want and with a wonderful intuitive owner like yourself.....he will enjoy his life to the ful. Hope you manage to get some rest soon.


mooch said...

So, I take it that Bixxy is now perfectly fine and scratching your furniture? I haven't done much updating either but plan to process some images shortly. I hope all is well.

Vivian said...

You know what they say: "Dogs have owners and cats have servants". As well as the big ginger tom, we have two geriatric 2k females. They have thyroid trouble and need hormones rubbed into their ears.