Monday, 7 May 2007

more angelina!

Before I start on my latest angelina project, let me say thank you for all the e-mails and blog comments wishing me a happy 60th. I intend to take all your advice about enjoying life and making the most of things very seriously and have already had a week of celebrations (unusually for an introvert like me) and a couple of days recovering and getting back to normal. Just to quote one thing I was told (I think the quotation originally came from Garfield) "Life is short - eat dessert first!" - this appealed both literally and metaphorically!

On to the more serious business of the day: latest experiments in stitching. Using angelina was set as a challenge by the Self Expressions Studio group I'm a member of (a group of us who all took Myrna Giesbrecht's class at Quilt University). The earlier pieces have already appeared on this blog. However, after the deadline a parcel containing more angelina - which I was beginning to give up hope of getting - arrived, and I couldn't not play with it could I?

I began by making a large sheet of angelina that I could cut then fuse. I began by cutting off a piece of bondaweb (wonder under in the US) and laid strands of angelina in different colours across it, blending as I went to try to get an effect like a variegated watercolour wash. I put parchment paper over the top (I had already put some under the bondaweb) and ironed just enough to begin to bond the angelina, then turned it over to iron the underside enough to melt the bondaweb film (doing it this way presented less risk of overheating the angelina), then peeled it off the backing and laid it down on more parchment paper (ordinary baking parchment from the supermarket).

I planned to make up designs just using squares and oblongs, so out with the rotary cutter ruler and mat, and I had a number of squares and oblongs in different sizes, which I arranged on a p0stcard sized "sandwich" of backing fabric, wadding and base fabric then ironed down. Then it was merely a matter of finishing off with some stitching (Madeira Metallic 40 - a thread I love to sew with, which generally behaves itself well). This is the result:
I love the way the colours change with the light.
For the second one I began by taking a single larger square which I exploded (i.e. cut into pieces) then added some small squares at either side, fused the pieces, and finished off by quilting with the same thread as before.

I still have some angelina left over, and really fancy the idea of trying it in 3D (the cats, who have a knack of always choosing the right present bought me a heat-gun for my birthday) and of making some angelina beads. I've already been asked to do a workshop for my local quilting group on using angelina so I also need to design a few small projects that are flexible enough for those who prefer to design their own to do so. I'm looking forward to it - should be fun!

Whilst I love making postcards - together with journal-sized pieces an ideal way to experiment - I think I'm going to have to attempt something larger soon!


Rach said...

I love these. The top image really reminds me of medieval religious icon paintings. It's something about the sumptuous (sp?) but sombre rich colours.

I've never heard of angelina before. What exactly is it and where did you get it?

Annica said...

Very nice! I love the metallic look! What colours of angelina did you use?

sandra wyman said...

The colours are various greens and blues plus a gold and some opal white (the coppery colours seem to appear where they've been heated most).

The fibre is I think a polyester which bonds together when heated. The film is made of the same material. I got mine from ArtVanGo and Rainbow Silks, but Stewart Gill also do a similar product called Glitterati fibres and I'm sure there will be stockists in Edinburgh. Googling in "Angelina fibres" also produced other suppliers who I haven't tried yet. NB a little goes a long way!

I am getting together a mini-tutorial on angelina and film which will appear on my blog in due course - if only life wasn't getting in the way at the moment!

Sally L. Smith said...

Beautiful work. Love these postcards. Sally

kathy said...

Love your postcards! Very good ideas for angelina.

Lorraine said...

Your angelina creations are gorgeous. I always seem to have mine too "fly away" or ironed too much. Yours are just right! And I love keeping up with all the cats. I have 5 and they have various ailments, various special foods, and so feeding frenzy is a real nightmare!